An environmentally-friendly soil conditioner for intensive horticulture that delivers a trifecta of benefits boosting soil health and maximising yields.

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Western Australia is experiencing a drying climate. In the foreseeable future, water will become a scarce and expensive commodity requiring growers to increase their soils’ water retention and water use efficiency. In WA, horticultural production is largely conducted on Spearwood or Bassendean sands which are characterised by low clay contents and thus low water retention. The industry relies on both rainfall and irrigation to deliver two to three crops per area farmed per year. Concerningly, irrigation water is abstracted from struggling aquifers that are recharged by decreasing winter rainfall.
Given the above, we at Promak believe that the WA horticultural industry can greatly benefit from the application of RhizoGrow; a soil amendment intended to increase soil water retention and help farmers cope with drought in arid and semi-arid environments.

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