Environmental Consulting

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Development Application (DA) is a formal request for approval to commence a proposed development or to change the use of a premises from one activity or land use to another. For many landowners, such an application might prove to be a complex and frustrating task. At Promak, we have years of experience liaising with Local Authorities and delivering successful outcomes.

Our Expertise

Look no further! We carry out the core reporting for your Development Applications!

  • Nutrient & Irrigation Management Plan (NIMP)

    A Nutrient and Irrigation Management Plan (NIMP) is often required for Development Applications. NIMPs help protect our water resources both in terms of their value and quality. Water quality is paramount to sustain aquatic ecosystems, people and animals, so NIMPs aim to reduce the impact land-applied chemicals (fertilisers and potential contaminants) have on groundwater resources.

    A NIMP provides detailed information on how to minimise nutrient leaching and maximise water usage when keeping livestock on your land or growing crops, gardens, trees or turf.

    Promak has years of experience producing NIMPs as part of Development Applications. We rigorously follow the guidance of the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation's Water Quality Protection Note 33.

  • Site and Soil Evaluation (SSE)

    A Site and Soil Evaluation, or commonly called SSE, is a written report that examines the various aspects of a site in relation to sewage collection, treatment and on-site disposal to ensure adequate management over time.

    The assessment is to be conducted in accordance with AS/NZS 1547 On-site domestic wastewater management and the Government Sewerage Policy 2019 (GSP 2019) reviewing all relevant constraints and as well as the risks to public health and the environment potentially posed by an on-site sewage system. Whilst AS/NZS 1547 only applies to domestic wastewater management, the GSP 2019 is also relevant to non-residential developments.

    At Promak, our team has an extensive experience conducting SSEs within and outside the Perth metropolitan area.

  • Licences and Works Approvals

    The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) regulates industrial emissions and discharges into the environment through a works approval and licensing process, under Part V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act).

    Industrial premises with potential to cause emissions and discharges to air, land or water are known as ‘prescribed premises’ and trigger regulation under the EP Act. Prescribed premises categories are outlined in Schedule 1 of the Environmental Protection Regulations 1987.

    The EP Act requires a works approval to be obtained before constructing prescribed industrial premises and makes it an offence to cause an emission or discharge unless a licence or registration is held for the premises.

    If your proposed development falls within the criteria of prescribed premises, Promak can produce an application for a Licence and Works Approvals.