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We pride ourselves on providing environmentally sound solutions to your business, whether it is a development in Perth or farming in the Wheatbelt. We use a multidisciplinary approach to develop advice that is both cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

Contact us with your proposal for an obligation-free discussion on how we can assist you. We service the agriculture and horticulture industries, urban and industrial developments, and your groundwater licensing needs.


Promak's science-based products.
A one-stop shop for your horticulture and gardening needs!

TreeGrow is an environmentally-friendly soil conditioner for better establishment, nutrition and survival of trees. TreeGrow helps store water in the soil and increase its cationic and anionic exchange capacity to support growth of young saplings and trees.

VeggieGrow is an environmentally-friendly soil conditioner that makes growing veggies easy. VeggieGrow decreases soil water repellence, helps store more water in the soil, and delivers nutrients to your growing veggies. We will soon launch VeggieGrow's very own website. Tune in for more.

RhizoGrow is a unique soil amendment for intensive horticulture that delivers a trifecta of benefits boosting soil health and maximising yields. RhizoGrow increases the water retention of soils, acts as a nutrient pump, and attracts plant-beneficial microorganisms.

TurfGrow is a unique soil amendment for intensive turf production. TurfGrow helps the soil store more water and nutrients. This leads to better growth and makes your turf more resistant to abiotic stresses such as extreme weather events.

About Us

Promak, a science-driven company
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Promak is a Perth-based company founded by two scientists. The team consists of Falko Mathes, a senior research scientist with extensive experience in academia, and Didier Alanoix, an environmental scientist with years of practical experience in soil and groundwater investigations and reporting for urban and industrial developments.

Promak's objective is to deliver affordable, science-based products that improve plant growth and productivity. We cater for a range of customers from individual tree and garden enthusiasts to landscape and agricultural businesses throughout Australia. We also pride ourselves on providing expert environmental advice to various industries.


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