What we do

Promak is a consultancy firm servicing your environmental reporting needs. We pride ourselves in providing environmentally sound solutions to your business, whether it is a development in Perth or farming in the Wheatbelt. We use a multidisciplinary approach to develop advice that is both cost-effective and environmentally responsible. We distill complex information and provide custom data analysis to deliver results.

We also make science-based products!

Our expert advice is complemented by our diverse range of soil amendments. Promak is a one-stop shop for your horticulture and gardening needs!

Projects big or small, we do them all!

Contact us with your proposal for an obligation-free discussion on how we can assist you. We service the agriculture and horticulture industries, along with your urban and industrial developments.

Our services in a nutshell

A one stop-shop for your environmental needs


We help you improve your ROI through sound field trial design and taylor made data analysis.


We help you improve your water use efficiency through sound advice and specialised products.

Science-Based Products

We offer a range of unique soil amendments for better soil health and crop yields.

Environmental Consulting

Development Application, Nutrient and Irrigation Management Plan, Site and Soil Evaluation, look no further!

Urban Development and Hydrology

We have experience in all stages of the development process, from single lot subdivision to stormwater modelling for residential development.

Groundwater Licensing and Hydrogeology

We will secure a water supply for your development. Likewise, we can trade your valuable licence for you.

Young plant growing in soil

Our Mission!

Promak's objective is to deliver affordable, science-based products that improve plant growth and productivity. We cater for a range of customers from individual tree and garden enthusiasts to landscape and agricultural businesses throughout Australia. We also pride ourselves on providing expert environmental advice to various industries.

We are also wholeheartedly dedicated to driving innovation forward and making a substantial impact on the industry! Our relentless drive for continuous improvement has been recognized with the prestigious Innovation Booster Grant, awarded by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science & Innovation under the esteemed New Industries Fund.

Innovation Booster Grant 2023 Recipient

Why choose us

10+ years of experience

We have built an intimate understanding of Western Australia’s diverse environments.

Expert Staff

Our staff are highly educated, dynamic and proficient in their field of expertise.

Reputation Before Throughput

We are committed to excellence and timely project delivery.

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